We live in a world, where everything changes at a dizzying pace, also in fashion, which plays a more and more important role in everyday life. Today, I would like to share with you a few observations regarding fashion, changes in the trends and finding our own, unique style. Have I caught your interest already? Check out the rest of the post.

Fashion today and yesterday

We can’t deny that fashion has evolved over the years. Designers, who used to be called “high fashion” creators, collaborate now with chain stores, streetwear brands and artists, who sign collections with their names. These changes made fashion more accessible. More and more people can afford products by famous designers at attractive prices. The best example of that are collections by H&M, which were designed in cooperation with among others Karl Lagerfeld, Kenzo or Balmain. Thanks to this, everyone can provide their wardrobe with even small details from great designers. Our home market is also full of such examples. Let’s take the example of the collaboration of Emma Willis with Dunelm.

Fashion changes also in terms of current trends, these are however not very radical shifts. What was fashionable in the past, is back, just in a different version, more adjusted to our times. Immortal Ramones have been appearing systematically since the 80s. This year’s come back from the 90s were, among others, women’s suits inspired by menswear, high-waisted “mom jeans” and sweatpants in the style of the ones Mel C of the Spice Girls once wore.

What is fashionable now and what to wear today?

We are slowly leaving the trends of 2017 behind. The next spring/summer season is, above all, a great return of the retro style starting from the checkered pattern, which can be found on trousers, skirts and jackets, ending with shoes with buckles. The tassels, floral print and overalls – both those with a long leg and with a short one – have had primacy for a few seasons now. The overall gives us plenty of possibilities in terms of styling – you can wear it both with flat shoes and high heels, create an elegant evening look or sports outfit, perfect for a weekend away. I have a few of them in my wardrobe. They always work, when I don’t know what to wear (yes, it sometimes happens to me as well). The most fashionable colours of this season will be tomato red, shrill pink, bright yellow and lavender purple. The latter dominated new collection by Proenza Schouler and Victoria Beckham. The colours can be combined with each other or worn as the so-called monochromatic total look. The trends of spring/summer 2018 I have just mentioned, will help you know, how to dress fashionably and stylishly.

How to find your own style?

The world of fashion is divided into people who follow trends and those who create them. This is the generally accepted division. However, I believe that not everything is always black or white. You can create your own trends and derive from those that already exist. You are probably wondering, what I have in mind – let me explain. I have never been a supporter of following fashion blindly, mainly because not everything suits everyone. I adhere to the philosophy of Alexander McQueen – “Fashion shouldn’t be a prison but a form of escape”. You can get inspiration from what is fashionable now, modify these trends and adapt them to your own needs. Do not pigeonhole your style, don’t force yourself to follow trends that prevail in the world, but in no way reflect your personality and character.

In order to find your style, you need to ask yourself an important question: “What do you feel most comfortable in?”. If the first thing that comes to your mind is e.g. a tracksuit, but you work in a corporation or in a different place, where such a dress code wouldn’t be appropriate, don’t worry. Tracksuits – it’s a sports style. And here you have a really big field of performance, the more so that the sports style is the biggest hit of last year. High heels, jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, plus a long coat – this is a style that will be perfect for everyday use, for work or meeting friends. Another option, if you don’t like high heels, are sports shoes, such as vans, girly floral dresses and a “puffer” jacket (another hit straight from the Moncler, Escady or DKNY catwalks).

Combine things that reflect your personality and desires with things offered by fashion designers – these could be accessories, shoes, small details, which will make you feel fashionable, but you will not wear anything that doesn’t go with your aesthetics. Play with the form, colours, don’t pay too much attention to the label, as interesting things can be found just as well in second hand shops and in chain stores.

How to feel good in your own skin?

Clothes make a man, but remember, they shouldn’t define you. Although the appearance is our showcase, the most important is to feel good about ourselves. Self-confidence is our best outfit, and clothes are just accessories, thanks to which we can express ourselves in many various ways. This is what I love about fashion – it accompanies us at every stage of our life, stimulates our imagination and makes us creative. Are you wondering how to choose the right outfit to boost your self-esteem? I’ve prepared 5 tricks for you, which will make picking your outfit child’s play.

I will not say anything new in this matter – choose the right clothes for your figure, emphasise the positive aspects and cover the imperfections. You’ll feel better knowing that the overly full sides are covered under a flared dress, and the beautiful cleavage will be brought out by a beautiful V cut. See, how easy this is?

We all have some fashion experiments behind us and each of us has had their ups and downs. This is why, you should never leave your home in an outfit, which you are not 100% sure of. You don’t have anyone around to advise you about your outfit? Send a picture to your friend, mum or your boyfriend – close people will tell you honestly, what they think about your look.

Find the colour, which goes well with your complexion. Confirmed fact – although black goes with everything, it doesn’t suit everyone.

Define your style – as I wrote earlier in my post. Is it going to be a sports style, feminine style, boho, or maybe a combination of a few? Once you manage to establish the style you feel best with, picking your outfits for each occasion can be easy and pleasant. Additionally, you will save plenty of time, which you can use e.g. to have a cup of coffee.

Take a little more time for yourself in the morning. Even 5 minutes shorter sleep will let you experiment with a new outfit, hairstyle or make-up. People naturally need changes, so in the rush of morning inspiration, instead of the usual smoky eyes, you might make a cat line?

Fashion became an integral part of the world because it affects many areas of life. Thanks to fashion, we can express ourselves and how we feel. It’s an extension of our personality and an artistic expression of what is within us. It gives us the opportunity to become a totally different person or to emphasise, what we really are like. It’s our second skin, chosen by us, which in a non-verbal way lets us communicate with the world. For that reason, derive what’s best from it, without following the trends blindly.

I hope that this post will not only help you find your own style, but will also make you realise that fashion is for everyone, you just need to have the right – healthy attitude to it.