Do something with yourself, that is, how to change your life

How to change your life – this is often the question which comes up when we start to see the possibility of altering our existence. This willingness to change may be the result of dissatisfaction with lives so far and the consequences of our actions. Unfortunately, even when opportunities for change open up to us, we don’t know what to do and how to implement them. …. However, this is not a reason to give up. Life does not make things easier but often makes it difficult for us to enjoy the day ahead. Nevertheless, it is worth to grasp the nettle and start the fight.

Everything seems to be fine, but why are we unhappy?

The reasons vary and may or may not be due to things that we can influence. Our misery can result from: 

Differences – many of us suffer as a result of being different from our environment. Such a difference may result from a different origin, social status or belief,

Following the crowd – each of us is different. However, there are many things we have in common. One of these is the desire for acceptance. No one likes to be mocked or rejected. This is natural because we want to enjoy being in the company of people close to us. Unfortunately, a desire of this kind often causes us to adjust to the prevailing realities. But there is nothing worse than living in discord with oneself. We want to love and be loved as we are

Exhaustion – the enormous rush and pace of life imposed on us by the system – can squeeze us like a lemon. To keep up with everything that happens around us, we often forget about ourselves. An appropriate diet, time for rest and entertainment, time for loved ones are things that often come into the background. The constant rush can kill us, and fatigue can drain us,  

Experiences – many of us have survived a lot. Random events beyond our control can cast a shadow not only over our past but also over the future.

Although the struggle for change in our lives is not easy, it is not impossible. I believe that if I could have done this, it is not something unattainable. We can live differently and come out of a box that we have often been forced into.

Okay, let’s get to the point – how do you change your life?

When thinking about changing your life, it is worth considering the following few aspects:

Awareness is definitely the key to enjoying life. Why is that? Because living in harmony with your self depends on the awareness of your desires and needs. This principle applies to all decisions made: the choice of friends, work, spouse or religion. Happiness ensures that you make decisions according to your preferences. That is why you should start by recognizing what you want to achieve. You will then set goals that you will be happy to pursue. It is worth remembering, however, that despite appearances, our awareness is not such a simple matter. It happens to be flooded with thoughts of how those around us will perceive us. Then we often unconsciously we make decisions that are not in line with our preferences.

Create a plan and remember that it should be implemented slowly and in tiny steps. To achieve a long-term goal, it is worth setting short-term goals to facilitate the desired changes. It is therefore worth making a list of small steps. Observing even slight progress adds motivation,

Positive attitude – once you know what you want and have a plan for it, it is time to work on your attitude. Many people wonder – how to think positively? It will be helpful to reflect on the benefits offered by the changes. Seeing the benefits adds enthusiasm and stamina to further efforts. It may be astonishing how a positive attitude can help to overcome any obstacles that may appear in the way of the  set goals,

Strengthening positive incentives – to keep your positive attitude, it is worth writing down your little successes and remembering what you have already achieved. It is also essential to handle failures. A wise man can draw lessons from each of them. Any wrong decision can have positive consequences, in the form of reflection and conclusions,

Oppose what you are struggling with – you have to fight boldly and face up to addictions, bad habits and wrong ways of thinking. It’s not simple, but it’s not impossible either. Many people around us have managed to win with their weaknesses. Look for inspiration in the lives of people who have fought their weaknesses. If you are appropriately geared up to fighting a predetermined verdict, then you have a good chance of winning,

Change the way you think about yourself – make a certain threshold of tolerance for yourself and for things you have no control over. Specific experiences will always come back, and mistakes are inevitable. However, this is no reason to be discouraged.  We are all different – that is why you and I are unique,

Change your thinking about others – in this case, distance comes handy. Often what seems obvious to us is not so to others. Try to find good in others. This attitude will help prevent you from being discouraged by others’ shortcomings and attitudes. Remember, others are also fighting for themselves and their world.

Life changes require a specific plan and a well-thought-out action. I, therefore, believe that with the right approach, self-improvement and determination, success can be achieved. We all have only one life, hence let us not leave it to chance.