The stereotype that women are the weaker gender is becoming less meaningful over time. Women are no longer just wives and mothers, facing the new challenges of the modern world every day. Apart from fighting for the family and warmth at home, they work professionally, carry out plans, fulfil ambitions, fight for dreams and have their hobbies. Today, women have more roles than they used to have in the past, so it is certainly not possible to say ”weak”.

Us women in modern times?

However, this situation has its advantages and disadvantages. Emotions, nerves, hormones – we try to put aside all these factors. Let us remember, still, that even the strongest of us remain women, i.e. sensitive, fragile beings, one the ”inside” they do not remain passive.

Each of us knows the spectrum of ”breakfast for the whole family”, ”the troublesome boss”, ”the child’s parent/teacher meetings” or” weekend shopping”. A multitude of duties, the eternal dark sky outside the window, and the occasional ”snubbery” in the family, are often the cause of low well-being. In such circumstances, the hope of a good mood and a pleasant morning seems to be getting further and further away.

When our thoughts revolve around responsibilities and problems that are often unavoidable, this causes us to suffer a significant loss of well-being. Also, as a result of a tight schedule and a fast-paced life, many of us lack a balanced and thoughtful diet, which will provide ingredients for the proper functioning of the brain and body. This, in turn, is a straightforward route to deficiency and loss of minds productivity and a significant reduction in our well-being.

A series of questions arise:

So what to do?

How can you take care of your spirit not to lose your life energy?

How to overcome bad mornings?

How can we not give in to destructive emotions and not get up off the wrong foot?

How to start the day well?

The lack of time for your favourite relaxation and entertainment contributes to tension and physical exhaustion. All these factors, although often overlooked in good faith, are the cause of a loss of ”life energy” and well-being.

All right, but how do you take care of your spirit and well-being?

There are several ways to do this:

Not only others, which means enjoy yourselves

Everyone knows how much fun it is to give, but it is also worth finding out how much fun it is to take. Sometimes it is worth taking something from life. Shopping with a friend. A new cosmetic and a new dress. Fitness classes registration. The last one is the best because physical effort allows you to produce ”endorphins;” that is, the hormone of happiness which contributes to improving your mood!

Besides, taking care of the external appearance and improving your own ”saggy;” muscles will only do us good. Why is that? It’s simple – a cared for, and well-groomed body affects self-esteem.

Nor can you take care of the spirit. Here I recommend an evening with your favourite tea and a book in the armchair that will completely relax the deepest corners of your soul! Have a lovely evening with music to relax and inspire.

You are not only giving birth to children, but you are also a woman – let yourself have it,

Which one of us, as a little girl, did not dream of phenomenal make-up and high heels? Now is the time for that! Especially since beautiful make-up will allow you to carry on with your fantasy. 

Relax, not all of us like to put on make-up. A romantic film is another solution. Give yourselves time for emotional moments and affection – the day is over, a job where you have to be strong is behind you! Now just relax your muscles and time for a beautiful film. 

Don’t be alone, spend time with those you love

A lovely Sunday walk in the fresh air will undoubtedly benefit your children, your husband, your partner, your parents and yourself. Is it raining or snowing? Easy, Saturday afternoon will be the perfect time to pull out the board game and laugh together. This will wake up every member of the family!

Feel good inside and out, thanks to the diet

No, relax, you don’t have to run to a dietitian right away to implement a diet to improve your mood. ”A healthy body is a healthy spirit”’ – So try to provide your body with something more than just carbohydrates, but ”a little bit of everything”’. Vegetables, fruit and protein will undoubtedly contribute to a better working body and brain, which will certainly raise the mood.

Why do I need this? Why is it important to look after your spirit?

The decline in well-being and, at the same time, in productivity through the factors mentioned above, will generate further problems. This will not only affect our physical and mental health but will also have an impact on our environment and family.

An independent woman is not a woman who can cope on her own with the obstacles of life. However, to do so, you have to fight not only for your interests but also for your body and your spirit. By looking after yourself, you take care of everything that has to do with you and everything that surrounds you!

The first thing you do when you get up is smile. This will affect your positive attitude throughout the day. It will also be a source of strength to fight for what is ”Yours” and it will give you the strength to lie down in the evening with the same smile and positive feeling.

A woman should not just be everything for everyone. She should also be everything to herself. Set up your own life, remembering that every next day can be better. This can be achieved not only through work but also through rest. We cannot conquer the world without energy – remember this.

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